1. Share Market Review

    This week, two things have affected Australian share prices, the expected cut on interest rates and the reduction of oil prices. Companies that are in oil business saw their share prices drop while companies that will benefit with reduced interest rates saw their prices rise. The shares had previously hit a 20- week high before dropping due to falling of oil prices.

    Energy companies were the ones affected by reduced share prices after they warned that they would cut earnings and spending. Retailers, banks and other stocks gained due to the expectation of lower interest rates by the Australia Reserve bank.

    The S&P/ASX 200 index had risen to its highest up to a third percentage point since 11 September. It then lost the gains by 6.5 points because of effects of reduced oil prices. Some of the energy companies with reduced share prices include Woodside Petroleum, which fell by 2.21%, Santos fell by 4.3% and Oil Search with a 2.8% drop, which occurred after it announced spending cuts and warned about a 2014 impairment charge of about $ 200 million. The share price of Beach Energy fell by 4% after announcing a cut on spending of 20% due to the reduced oil prices.

    The shares of companies not dealing in oil performed better. For instance, Fortescue Metals Group shares gained by 5% after their announcement that it continued to operate profitably after their cost cutting. Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton only experienced a fall in share price of 0.5%. The Tie Boutique experienced solid growth at 2.1% by close.

    Banks that are expected to benefit with the fall of interest rates by writing more home loans saw a rise in their share prices. The share prices of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group and Commonwealth bank of Australia rose by 0.5 %. The share price of National Australia Bank rose by 0.3%.

    The expected reduction of interest rates will reduce borrowing costs and therefore increase sales. This led to a rise of share prices for companies such as Harvey Norman, which saw a rise of 1.7 %, and JB Hi Fi a rise of 1.2%.

    Fletcher Building, which is the biggest company that is listed, had a rise of 1.4 % due to signs that the construction market gaining strength. Contact Energy, which is the stock number three had a rise of 1% achieving a six-year high.

    By the close of the market on Friday, the price of oil had stabilized booming the stocks of mining and energy companies.



  2. Too Many Tapes

    If you want to use a tape that’s right for the job, you may have to do a bit of research, but this is ok as it’s easy to find the answers you need.

    For the most part you can do the majority of work with either packing tape or duct tape. Packing tape is ideal for when you want to seal boxes and envelopes, duct tape is weatherproof and water resistant, which means it’s ideal for jobs around the home.

    Using Packing Tapes

    When I moved house I used a lot of packing tape, we’re talking a few rolls of the stuff, and I used it well. I’ve moved house a lot, and I kind of know the drill, and how important it is to use the right tape at the right time. I have tried to use duct tape for sealing boxes, but it doesn’t seem to hold it as well. This is especially so when you’re trying to seal a box that’s full books that just don’t want to be there.

    Packing tape has been made specifically for sealing boxes and other containers. It’s also good for sealing bulky envelopes too as it’s quite flexible, as well as being strong, much like double sided tapes.

    You should always make sure you buy good quality packing tape as the cheaper stuff is not always that good. I once sent a friend some homemade cookies through the post, and by the time it got there, a lot of the tape had worked its way loose. Thankfully the mailman was kind enough to save most of the cookies by placing them in a bag, but a lot of them got crushed because they had fallen out. This just goes to show you that even if you think your cheap velcro tape is doing the job properly, you may still have problems, so it’s worth your while spending just that little bit extra.


  3. Crunch Those Mortgage Numbers

    A mortgage calculator is a unique and very helpful tool that will enable you to decide the size of your mortgage and how long you would like the loan for.

    Without the help of a mortgage calculator, you may find it difficult to decide how much you would like to borrow. This is because you will not have a correct estimation of the figures you need to get the sums right. When you have more of an idea as to the size of the mortgage you’re looking for, then you can really start to think about buying a house, and you may even think about viewing certain properties.

    Mortgage Calculator and Financial Advice:

    You will always need a bit of financial advice when you’re about to buy a house, and you shouldn’t rely solely on a calculator to help you, but it will give you a lot of information that could prove to be quite useful. The best Mortgage Calculator

    Before you think about applying for a mortgage, you will need to take a look at your monthly income and outgoings. The reason you need to do this is so you can determine how much you will have to hand at the end of every month. The more money you have available, the more you can spend on paying back your mortgage each month.

    It is important that you do not stretch yourself too far and end up with very little cash once you have made the payment each month. This is because it could prove quite difficult for you to pay off other bills, so you need to be realistic in your mortgage applications.


  4. Loving the longer phrases for SEO

    top-seo.pngGeneral Content Websites Love Long Tails. Long tails are specifically useful for websites that contain a whole lot of information about a topic, such as a website dedicated to a particular television genre. Not only do these websites have many relevant keywords, but also there are plenty of useful secondary keywords that can lead to long tails. Imagine, for example, a website dedicated to crime dramas. Even if the website’s creators have little interest in 1960’s crime drama, developers can create specific pages with 1960’s crime drama keywords to bring in a group whose members are somewhat likely to be interested in the website’s contents. Developers can effectively target specific audiences who may have some interest in the website even though what they were specifically searching for at the time was not a website of that sort.

    Websites that are narrowly tailored for a particular group, purpose, or providing specific information are not suitable for long tails because such websites are unlikely to be found interesting by the audience brought in by long tails. SEO developers ought to consider whether the audience brought in by long tails would want to view the website. If not, then there is little point in created long tail SEO content. In addition, Google has started cracking down on the SEO abuse that some long tail sites engage in. Google does not want queries leading to content that the viewer clearly does not want to view.

    A long tail SEO strategy is good for some websites, though the strategy is becoming less and less effective as search engines begin sniffing out its use. If your website can produce long tails for audiences that may in fact be interested in your website then long tails are recommended. However, if your website is very specialized and it is unlikely that people searching with those long tail keywords will have much interest in your site then it is probably best to avoid the hassle of creating dozens of long tail webpages. To learn more about organic search success visit this website here.