Loving the longer phrases for SEO

top-seo.pngGeneral Content Websites Love Long Tails. Long tails are specifically useful for websites that contain a whole lot of information about a topic, such as a website dedicated to a particular television genre. Not only do these websites have many relevant keywords, but also there are plenty of useful secondary keywords that can lead to long tails. Imagine, for example, a website dedicated to crime dramas. Even if the website’s creators have little interest in 1960’s crime drama, developers can create specific pages with 1960’s crime drama keywords to bring in a group whose members are somewhat likely to be interested in the website’s contents. Developers can effectively target specific audiences who may have some interest in the website even though what they were specifically searching for at the time was not a website of that sort.

Websites that are narrowly tailored for a particular group, purpose, or providing specific information are not suitable for long tails because such websites are unlikely to be found interesting by the audience brought in by long tails. SEO developers ought to consider whether the audience brought in by long tails would want to view the website. If not, then there is little point in created long tail SEO content. In addition, Google has started cracking down on the SEO abuse that some long tail sites engage in. Google does not want queries leading to content that the viewer clearly does not want to view.

A long tail SEO strategy is good for some websites, though the strategy is becoming less and less effective as search engines begin sniffing out its use. If your website can produce long tails for audiences that may in fact be interested in your website then long tails are recommended. However, if your website is very specialized and it is unlikely that people searching with those long tail keywords will have much interest in your site then it is probably best to avoid the hassle of creating dozens of long tail webpages. To learn more about organic search success visit this website here.